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4/07/15 - Offers network-based control; plus 2-way Sonos driver released.
1/07/15 - Unique remote control concept needs your help for funding...
12/23/14 - New Philips Pronto-branded hardware solution for iPhone-based smart controls.
12/01/14 - Catch the latest discount prices on universal remotes!
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The Internet's first and largest collection of exclusive (and completely free to download) remote control-related files. From software to device codes, from user interface graphics to original manuals it's all here. Share with the community and send in your files today!

5 areas 12,523 files
Visit our file areas for all Philips Pronto touchscreen models, including the original Pronto Classic, the Pronto NG, and the latest Pronto Professional.
4 areas 1,998 files
Visit our file areas for all URC remote control models, including the Home Theater Master series, the Complete Control lineup, and the brand new Total Control range.
1,252 files
System files, command libraries and graphics for all RTI remotes compatible with Integration Designer software, including the T1, T2, T3 and T4 series.
276 files
This file area covers all UEI Nevo color touchscreen remotes: the NevoSL, the NevoQ50 and the NevoS70. Download systems, devices, widgets and graphics.
1,669 files
Lost the manual or preprogrammed codes to your universal remote? Not to worry, as we have the internet's largest free collection of original remote manuals!
122 files 1,188 codes
This file area contains our collection of individual discrete codes in Pronto hex format, along with original protocol sheets for IR, RS-232 and IP control of equipment.
92 files
Everything that doesn't fit into one of our other file areas is in here, including files for the Harmony and other remotes, documents, software and more.
Need a device file, fast?
If you want a configuration for a device and aren't picky about which remote it's for, then you'll want to check out our special Device Browser. Get access to every device file on Remote Central, all from a single place.
Yesterday's top downloads:
Chunghop 3-Digit Codes Collection Code Collections
One For All URC-3940 "Slimline 4"
Radio Shack 15-302 "3-in-1"
Philips CL034
ProntoEdit Professional v3.0.23
Chunghop RM-101 English 3-Digit
Sentry RMC10 "Really Big Universal Remote"
Chunghop RM-88E English 3-Digit
Radio Shack 15-304 "AUVIO 5-in-1"
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Recent file comments...
Comment by Daniel Tonks on 5/19 at 7:18 PM
This file is intended for use with URC remote control configuration software. If you don't have a URC computer-programmable remote, or access to one, this file won't be of much use.
Comment by ronaldpace on 5/15 at 7:21 PM
How can I read these files?
Comment by bobholl on 4/17 at 10:31 AM
it is not a manual for the mini-jumbo universal remote
bur for the jumbo one
Comment by djy on 4/01 at 3:28 PM
Further to the above, I've just noticed that I originally uploaded this file in 2009, which means the RM-398E definitely pre-dates the introduction of smart TVs.

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