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Contest Entry #01: Perforated Metal
Added by David Beck | 2004 | 2,616 views
RUNNER UP! I have put a lot of thought into the layout of my PCF design and I think it makes good use of the Pronto NG’s color capabilities without being gratuitously flashy. I wanted to give the design a sense of spatial depth and for it to have an industrial feel, like it was actually made of materials that would be used to construct an RC device, but I also wanted it to have a slightly surreal quality to make it fun to use.

The design incorporates both “activity” and “device” concepts. The “cinema” pages, for example, execute macro events where audio, video and lighting adjustments will automatically be made. If however you wish to make an adjustment to the picture or sound qualities during these macro events, the “remotes” button will allow access to individual device control.

While the file is large (please be patient while loading!!!) and the design contains a number of hidden and (seemingly) redundant pages, these were necessary for proper navigation. For example, when selecting the “TV” button on the “remotes” page to access the TV remote, the appropriate “source” button (DVD, VHS, etc…) on the TV remote page will be dimmed depending on... (more)
Designed for:
Philips ProntoPro NG TSU7000 & RU980
Contest Entry #08: Black Magic
Added by David Beck | 2007 | 2,406 views
I really love the sleek design of the new Pronto TSU9600 and wanted to come up with a configuration file that complements its clean, edgy look, but is straightforward and easy to navigate.

In the design, I have tried to simulate commonplace yet modern materials and textures and use them in an otherworldly context. A sense of space and motion add to the realism that I wanted to achieve in the file, but more importantly, I hope your imagination is fired by what I’ve come up with. My planned future addition of .wav files will hopefully heighten the sense of “unreal reality”.

Apart from the .wav files the file isn’t fully realized (focus on the Cinema and Audio options when you’re testing it out...). I’ll be working hard to get the configuration finished, but in the meantime, I hope you’ll give Black Magic a go on your simulator (or the real thing if you’re lucky enough to already have one...) and enjoy the direction I'm heading!
Designed for:
Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600

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