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In this section: Our database of individual device setups complete with infrared codes and button layouts!

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X-10 Device Configurations
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X-10 IR543 Lighting
Added by Joshua Courser | 2003 | 7,105 views
Contains lighting and security uses.

Commands for this device are available as part of a system layout file.

Designed for:
Philips ProntoNEO TSU500 & RU930
X-10 IR543 Lighting
Added by Pat Spector | 2002 | 1,998 views
A complete set of X10 codes. These codes solve the previous problem of limited range, and of strobing. This has been the result of much trial and error and would not have been possible without the hard work and extensive testing from M4um.
Designed for:
Philips ProntoNEO TSU500 & RU930
X-10 IR543 Lighting
Added by swally54 | 2002 | 1,835 views
Controls units 1 through 16, all lights on, all lights off, on, off, bright, dim.
Designed for:
Philips ProntoNEO TSU500 & RU930
X-10 IR543AH Lighting
Added by ToasterKing | 2013 | 3,971 views
X10 produces a device called the IR543 which controls X10 powerline devices using an infrared remote, but it only sends signals to devices on a single house code (16 devices). Laser Business Systems produces a modification kit called the IRAH which allows the IR543 (now called IR543AH) to send signals to devices on all house codes (256 devices).

Included are device configuration files to allow the Philips ProntoNEO TSU500, the Marantz RC3200, and the Boston Acoustics Avidea A7RC/TSU501 to control both of these devices. (The additional commands for the IR543AH were added using a combination of learning from a TSU6000 using code files included with the IRAH, and hex code tweaking to improve usability.) The files are designed to give you access to all the codes in an organized manner, but the configuration becomes much more powerful when you link multiple commands to a single button (e.g. assign a macro for [House Code "C", Unit Code "2", Function Code "On"] to a button named "Kitchen Light On").
Designed for:
Boston Acoustics Avedia TSU501
Marantz RC3200
Philips ProntoNEO TSU500 & RU930

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