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In this section: A collection of system files for use with URC's text-based remotes controls. Find finished device layouts, IR codes, macros and more!

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System Layout Files
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Tim Hatch's MX-850
Added by Tim Hatch | 2007 | 8,689 views
Complete system file with discrete power on/off and macros for the MX-850 remote.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Daniel's Bedroom Setup
Added by Daniel Tonks | 2007 | 5,995 views
My complete bedroom television system as used with an MX-800 remote control. Utilizes simple device-switching macros and offers complete component control. Works well with both inexperienced users and the technically savvy.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Ken Bowers's System
Added by Ken Bowers | 2007 | 10,513 views
A complete system setup for the following components.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Todd Scott's MX-900 System File
Added by Todd Scott | 2007 | 8,424 views
This system file was setup for ease of use using the WATCH and LISTEN buttons as well as having quick access with PICTURE and SOUND macros on the LCD for commonly used controls like aspect ratio and sound modes. My home theater is fairly simple consisting of only 4 devices plus the light dimmer, but the programming is a little more complex to make the system so easy to use that my wife and kids have no trouble working it. Some features of my system file:

PICTURE and SOUND macros on the main screen for each activity for quick adjustments to the TV or AV receiver.

Page 2 of the WATCH button has all the devices listed. Press and hold feature used to prevent accidental access to device settings.

Page 3 is a special hidden page for virtual devices with macros for favourite channels and DVD selection and TV power for when listening to music.

The 400 DVD mega changer is conatrolled by a virtual device macro that is split in two. The BEGIN macro prepares the DVD player for a numeric entry of slot number (DVD Profiler is used to print a listing) with the remote. Then the user completes the selection process by pressing END which sends another macro to load the DVD and play it. This... (more)
Designed for:
URC Complete Control MX-900
Xerxes's Logical MX-950 Configuration
Added by Xerxes Labrador | 2007 | 10,069 views
I lately replaced my MX-700 with the MX-950 because I got fed up with it not being able to handle the complete automation of my A/V equipment setup. Getting the MX-950 has been a boon to my A/V viewing and listening pleasure. Not only was I able to solve the problem of toggle ON/OFF power commands, but I was also able to program my remote to be 'smarter' than the average. I believe in "form follows function" so my programming is more of functionality rather than asthetics. Now, A/V activities are fool proof! So here is my setup which I am sharing with you and hopefully, you could appreciate some of the strategies that were implemented (see the included documentation for full details) and use them to cook your own flavored MX-950.
Designed for:
URC Complete Control MX-950
Neil Evans' MX-950
Added by Neil Evans | 2007 | 8,111 views
This is a combination of learned and stocked codes. All devices have discrete power except for the DVD, which use a workaround. No images are used except for the "Macro in Progress." None of the components are particularly hard to find, but there are a few specific aspects of the programming that may be useful by example to other programmers:

1. The use of variables to track the power state of various components, reducing macro time. This is particularly helpful with amps and televisions that have a longish "warm up time."
2. The use of variables to create "FAV" style pages for lighting control and other advanced control pages. IE, after adjusting the lights, just press "Jump" and you're back to controlling the TiVo, or wherever you were when you accessed the Lights pages.
3. Help screens for guests or technically challenged owners.
4. The use of LCD backlight color to differentiate the different remote modes (ie, on Watch/Listen, on a device, or on auxillary screen).
Designed for:
URC Complete Control MX-950
JGM's MX-800 Theater Program
Added by Jeffrey Morrison | 2007 | 9,026 views
This configuration includes a number of pages to allow the remote to be used with multiple rooms. It features a common POWER page that combines the power functions for all devices in one location. It also features macros to toggle operating modes to and from watching the cable TV to the Roku Digital Media Server, the CD Player, or the Go Video DVD / VCR (no need to pwer the system down first and then bring back up in the correct mode). The DVD Macros change the inputs to the Denon receiver as well as configure the Sony HD television appropriately. The Power On Macros are will power up the correct components and set them to the correct operating mode. Select the function desired from the main (home) screen and the press the power button. All Power Off Macros return the system to watching Cable Television before powering off to ensure consistent operation.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Separation of Activities and Components
Added by Peter Wrampe | 2006 | 7,037 views
All activities are listed on the "Watch" Page 1. All devices are listed on the "Listen" Page 1. Designed for the least amount of putton pushing that I could come up with!
Designed for:
URC Complete Control MX-900
BNC-RCA-RG59's MX-900
Added by BNC-RCA-RG59 | 2006 | 5,088 views
I made this remote for an old couple that wanted to be able to record 25 shows a week. They used to have 5 VCR's around the house in different rooms. Now they have one Dual Tuner HD Tivo. After a week of use the only complaint was that they wanted to record two shows at the same time while watching a third (Monday night football). So I connected another HD DVR Comcast box from another room into the mix using RF and like the feature to pause live tv any time and be able to fast foward through the commercials. Still looking for the new 30sec skip for the 3 series TIVO if anyone is holding.
Designed for:
URC Complete Control MX-900
Mike's MX-900 File
Added by MikeV | 2006 | 8,779 views
System includes all soundfield discrete macros for Marantz SRxx00 series receivers. Discrete FF/REW and upconvert commands for the LG DV7832NXC (Zenith DVB-318) included. Use of Press and Hold macros and other notes are explained in the readme file included in the zip.
Designed for:
URC Complete Control MX-900
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