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In this section: Trying to make the most of your remote? In here you'll find programs created to help you work with XCF files, IR codes, My Database and more.

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User-Written Utilities
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Empty My IR Database
Added by Ed Van Every | 2008 | 3,995 views
Empty Database to restore for clean start with device codes. This helps to eliminate the "Brand" clutter left behind even after the devices in the default (MyDatabase) items are all deleted. Thanks to RON7 for the SQL code to clean out all the Brand info... Import this database if you ultimately only want to see your specific devices listed in the available device list.
Designed for:
All Pronto Professional Models
Added by Ed Van Every | 2008 | 4,380 views
PEP1/PEP2 Device Export/Import DataBase Utilities
PDBEXPORT and PDBIMPORT provide the ability to export and import individual device information (including function codes) to/from the V1 and V2 PEP Component Databases. The Device Info Files are tab delimited and user editable for additional functionality. See the README file inside the archive for more information...
Designed for:
All Pronto Professional Models
PEP2 - The Missing Manual
Added by Bob Brandes | 2009 | 4,335 views
Description of how to insert symbols into text areas of LABEL fields in PEP2 (easy).
Designed for:
All Pronto Professional Models
ProntoEdit Professional 2.0 for Vista x64
Added by Roti | 2008 | 4,054 views
Modified versions of the "ProntoEdit Professional 2.0.exe" and "ProntoDataService.exe" files allowing them to run on Vista x64 + brief instructions on how to replace the originals.
Designed for:
All Pronto Professional Models
Added by Ron Chernich | 2008 | 3,246 views
RDBMan v1.0 id the first release of a fine-grained export/import utility for the PEP V1.1 "My Database" code sets. This allows users to share individual code sets, effectively merging them from one user's database to another (PEP has an all or nothing backup/restore that makes it hard and tiresome to perform this function).

Sets are exported as XML and may be easily inspected (and modified--though doing this outside of PEP is strongly discouraged). The utility requires ActiveState Tcl and the SQLite3 tcl library. Both are open source and freely available. Installation and operation instructions are provided in the download README file.
Designed for:
Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600

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