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In this section: Who wouldn't like a little fun on their remote control? Find games for your remote written in the ProntoScript language here.

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Galaxy 96 (ProntoScript Edition)
Added by Lyndel McGee | 2007 | 3,483 views
This version of Galaxy has exactly 4 pages and utilizes around 450 lines of JavaScript code to manage the game board. The approach I followed here was to create 2-dimensional arrays for board status (if you look @ Daniel's original pages, the names implied 2-dimensional status), a set of Button Widgets (for the Planets) and a set of Panel Widgets (for the black holes). The ProntoScript concepts exercised here are as follows:

  • Using a Panel named "_PS_DEBUG_" and a Debug Clear Button (See "Game" page script) to assist with debugging a script.
  • Example using visibility control and image assignment (Buttons have images with indices of 0 and 1) to display game board. Visibility is toggled between Buttons and Panes for a particular cell based on user selection.
  • Example of using a RESOURCES page to house common images that you then load into buttons/panels on the active page.
  • This version has all 3 backgrounds color-reduced to 64K colors. This change basically dropped the file size from 3MB down to just over 1MB with no real noticeable difference.
  • Last but not least, this configuration is an example of something that required 8 devices and many pages to develop prior to... (more)
  • Designed for:
    Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600
    Hangman for TSU9600
    Added by Gary Cole | 2010 | 2,682 views
    My first ProntoScript project: the classic game of Hangman.
    Designed for:
    Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600
    Kazamm! for the 9400
    Added by Guy Palmer | 2010 | 3,173 views
    Kaaamm! is an asteroids clone developed by Andre du Fresne for the Pronto. This version is a simple port of the game for the 9400, with the graphics moved and re-sized to fit the 9400. It is being published with Andre's permission.
    Designed for:
    Philips Pronto Professional TSU9400
    Project Boredom 2
    Added by Alpha | 2010 | 2,620 views
    There is something for everyone in Project Boredom 2 with graphics, games and tools.

    EL Macro Loco - Make macros on the fly.
    Notemaker - Make notes for people to see.
    Label Maker - A type macro for labeling Video, DVD or Search.
    Beta Calculator - A calculator.
    Channel Blaster - Use the Wheel to change the channel number.
    Password - Create a password and protect your stuff.
    Sliding Panels - 2 panels with buttons slide on and off the screen.
    CPU Style - A interface that acts like a computer.
    Color Changer - Changes background color randomly.
    Slots - A slot machine.
    Hangman - Hangman game.
    Tile Game - Move the tiles to complete the picture.
    Word Scramble - Unscramble the letters to reveal the word.
    Wack It - Get rid of the mole in the garden.
    Paint 2 - Pick a color and paint on screen.
    Designed for:
    Philips Pronto Professional TSU9400
    Project Boredom!
    Added by Alpha | 2009 | 2,752 views
    Lots of good stuff for your 9400. Everything can be added into your own projects. The games included are TIC-TAC-TOE, Hangman and Chinese Checkers. Sliding Panels were made to add movement to the graphical interface. The Sliding Panels can be customized with your own graphics and actions. Draw is a way to draw on screen with your stylus. Animations can be added as transitions between activities. This was made with Pronto Edit Professional 2 and tested with firmware version 5.0.6. Enjoy.
    Designed for:
    Philips Pronto Professional TSU9400
    Pronto Pong
    Added by Lyndel McGee | 2007 | 2,919 views
    v1.0.1 This should bring back memories. This new ProntoScript game outlines several useful features of scripting. The features specifically outlined are:
    1. Object Oriented JavaScript using Prototypes.
    2. Retrieving/Manipulating widgets using the Configuration File (CF) widget() function.
    3. Toggling Firm Key label based on Game Status.
    4. Illustrates one use of the Activity.scheduleAfter() method.
    5. Includes transparent panel tagged with name '_PS_DEBUG' to facilitate debug/display of any error messages that might occur.
    This game was adapted quicly from an HTML-Javascript based game. Port to ProntoScript was quite easy. The ProntoScript for this game is divided into 3 parts.
    1. The Pong Game object and 'pong' variable in the Activity Script.
    2. The Pong Game initialization code in the Page Script.
    3. The Game Toggle functionality coded in Firm1 Button Script.
    I've also included a custom Activity Icon (small) such that you can incorporate a button wherever you like. Enjoy!
    Designed for:
    Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600

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