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In this section: These large CCF files contain collections of bitmaps and other designs - great when creating new layouts.

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Gallery Files
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Doug's ProntoPro Gallery
Added by Doug | 2002 | 4,191 views
Some panels are buttons from my own creations, all other panels are the hard work of everyone else. Kudos to them! I just condensed everything into a single gallery.
Designed for:
Philips ProntoPro TSU6000 & RU970
Bruce's Button Collection Gallery
Added by Bruce Sinclair | 1999 | 4,173 views
A very complete button gallery compiled from everything as of June/99.
Designed for:
Philips Pronto TS-1000 & RU890
Marc's Gallery
Added by Marc Burge | 2000 | 3,293 views
As complete a gallery file as I can make from all the available files around. None of my own work, so thanks to all those who spent the hard time designing to make it easier for the rest of us. Note that gallery is very large, so you will need to modify your pronto.ini file if you want to further edit it. As of July/00.
Designed for:
Philips Pronto TSU2000 & RU940
Paul's Collection of Buttons
Added by Paul Nash | 1999 | 3,088 views
I sorted through every ccf file I could find and distilled the various buttons, panels and graphics down to this collection. A few of them are buttons I created or modified, but most of them have come from others' files. As of July/99.
Designed for:
Philips Pronto TS-1000 & RU890
Mark Shiffer's Gallery
Added by Mark Shiffer | 2000 | 2,993 views
This file is a reorganization of Marc Burge's collection to make it easier to find the bmp you are looking for.
Designed for:
Philips Pronto TSU2000 & RU940
Aaron's RC9200 Gallery File
Added by Aaron Hughart | 2002 | 2,845 views
Gallery file for the 9200. Contains all elements used in my Mac OSX CCF.
Designed for:
Marantz RC9200
Neil Watts' Collection of Buttons
Added by Neil Watts | 2000 | 2,812 views
Complete gallery file with Ron Brinksma's complete collection together with 90% of UK Sky logos sorted by channel type. As of April/00.
Designed for:
Philips Pronto TSU2000 & RU940
Cary's Gallery Collection
Added by Cary Gerber | 1999 | 2,722 views
This is the latest gallery conglomeration of buttons and bitmaps from various CCF files, as of December/99. I added several of my own and modified others. Includes many US cable & DSS station logos.
Designed for:
Philips Pronto TS-1000 & RU890
Jonathan's Gallery
Added by Jonathan Kinnick | 1999 | 2,700 views
A highly organized gallery that includes a lot of what's already out there but absolutely nothing original -- at least you can now find it faster! As of August/99.
Designed for:
Philips Pronto TS-1000 & RU890
Dale Crawford's Gallery
Added by Dale Crawford | 1999 | 2,514 views
This gallery file contains snazzy buttons and frame graphics that are of the exact same size as those in the default file, providing a new look for your CCF with little effort.
Designed for:
Philips Pronto TS-1000 & RU890
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