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In this section: These systems employ completely original artwork for a truly unique remote control layout.

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Original Design Systems
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Contest Entry #12: Caribbean Map
Added by Jim Patton | 2007 | 2,542 views
FOURTH RUNNER UP! This .XCF is designed to be a file that would be delivered to an end user. It is all activity based with only the buttons and functions available that are required for using the system.

It controls a simple 2 zone audio system and is an actual working file. All control of the video display is performed by macros, there is no need for a receiver or TV control page as their functions are accessed by punch through commands or the macros themselves. All items not considered critical to the daily use of the system have been hidden.

It uses the serial extender and is operating both the Lutron Radio Ra system and an Escient fireball. The Escient unit is duplicated in order to allow operation in 2 different zones with different macros and volume codes for each zone. When in the Fireball interface, pressing menu takes you to a page using the standard video interface and IR commands for advanced functions such as recording, random play modes, setup, options and more as those functions are not available in the pre written interface. All power is switched on using the activity macros. The power button on the remote accesses a power page... (more)
Designed for:
Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600
Contest Entry #09: Feeling Patriotic
Added by Peter Fullerton | 2007 | 2,268 views
What makes my design unique:

  • Designed for visual interest as well as visual simplicity and consistency.

  • Designed for a minimal amount of screen changes when in use (e.g. network channels as punch throughs, cable channels and redirection to transport buttons all appear on the same screen; the page up and down button has been converted to cable channel up and down to facilitate these “multi-use screens”).

  • Whilst the device is designed for US users in the first instance, baseplate masters (each with national flag and corresponding local networks) have been created for 25 other countries and can be used to change over the system page elements and network punch-throughs - Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. Each element on the alternative masters is readily movable/removable.
Designed for:
Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600
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