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In this section: A collection of system files for use with URC's text-based remotes controls. Find finished device layouts, IR codes, macros and more!

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System Layout Files
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Daniel's Home Theater Setup
Added by Daniel Tonks | 2008 | 24,656 views
My complete home theater system on the MX-800 remote control. Utilizes simple device-switching macros and offers complete component control. Works well with both inexperienced users and the technically savvy.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Jim Christian's Complete MXF
Added by Jim Christian | 2002 | 20,700 views
A complate (and rather large) home theater system. Includes my review of the MX-700 in Word format.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Ziggi's Complete System
Added by Ziggi | 2004 | 18,499 views
A complete system setup. Also includes separate device files for all components.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
David Markowitz's System Setup
Added by David Markowitz | 2003 | 17,009 views
This system file contains all existing discretes for these devices with the exception of a few input settings on the HS10 that I don't use. It includes the hard to learn joystick commands of the SIR-T150! It also has X-10 lighting using scenes, Makita curtains and a Stewart screen on a single ROOM page, with several interesting macros that control all of those things and pause/play movies.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
5 Room Whole House System
Added by Byron Anderson-Lister | 2009 | 15,381 views
This complex system file allows me to control 5 rooms worth of equipment. Essentially I have 3 identical remotes that are deployed into the 3 rooms. Users select a room and can then choose to listen or watch what's available in that room.

Some rooms turn on equipment (B speakers for the kitchen or 2nd/3rd zones) from the main receiver which adds some complexity. Since I couldn't get hold of an MC-400 you can't move a remote from room to room without it wiping the variables associated with the old room. This is an acceptable compromise is my situation.

I've setup on/off menus that give the user various options with regards to what they want to turn on or off (or even reboot) and there is rudimentary help menu. When switching activities in a room (using the jump button to go back to the main activities for a room) the remote checks if devices have been left on and asks the user if they want to turn it off or not).

I thought it worth posting this as it shows some complex programming (albeit not that neat). I make extensive use of variables and press hold functionality to all me to easily add a new device.
Designed for:
URC Complete Control MX-950
Rod Brown's System
Added by Rod Brown | 2004 | 14,555 views
A complete system file with discrete codes.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
MX-700 System for Aussies
Added by David Harrison | 2010 | 13,436 views
The BeyonWiz and Foxtel devices are fairly much Australia-specific, so here they are for Aussies. Also, I tracked down the discrete OFF for the new Pioneer VSX-1020-K receiver.
Designed for:
All URC Hard Button Models
Yasin Ashraf's Home Theater
Added by Yasin Ashraf | 2004 | 13,319 views
A complete system setup for the following devices.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Nolan's MX-900
Added by aka23 | 2011 | 13,196 views
My setup is divided into the 3 areas - theater, living room, and bedroom. Each area includes 2 watch functions - one for TV and one for blu-ray. The watch functions turn on & set up components/lighting, while the corresponding listen functions go to the menus without adjusting components. There are many macros, and many buttons that have different functions depending on how long the button is held. For example, pressing "overscan" goes to the corresponding menu of the Epson projector (this should be a standard remote function rather than having to navigate through 3 layers of menus), and holding "overscan" simply opens the menu for the user to make other adjustments.

I make adjustments often, as I often have new or changing needs, so there are some remnants of old functions that are no longer used. As an example, the 3rd Blu/TV Theater pages have controls for the Sim2 projector (alternate), while the default 1st page has controls for the Epson projector (primary). Comments/questions are welcome.
Designed for:
URC Complete Control MX-900
Ken Bowers's System
Added by Ken Bowers | 2007 | 13,068 views
A complete system setup for the following components.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
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