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In this section: A collection of system files for use with URC's text-based remotes controls. Find finished device layouts, IR codes, macros and more!

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System Layout Files
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5 Room Whole House System
Added by Byron Anderson-Lister | 2009 | 15,915 views
This complex system file allows me to control 5 rooms worth of equipment. Essentially I have 3 identical remotes that are deployed into the 3 rooms. Users select a room and can then choose to listen or watch what's available in that room.

Some rooms turn on equipment (B speakers for the kitchen or 2nd/3rd zones) from the main receiver which adds some complexity. Since I couldn't get hold of an MC-400 you can't move a remote from room to room without it wiping the variables associated with the old room. This is an acceptable compromise is my situation.

I've setup on/off menus that give the user various options with regards to what they want to turn on or off (or even reboot) and there is rudimentary help menu. When switching activities in a room (using the jump button to go back to the main activities for a room) the remote checks if devices have been left on and asks the user if they want to turn it off or not).

I thought it worth posting this as it shows some complex programming (albeit not that neat). I make extensive use of variables and press hold functionality to all me to easily add a new device.
Designed for:
URC Complete Control MX-950
Activity Based, Macro Driven
Added by Gerald Koth | 2006 | 7,850 views
This is the type of macro driven activity based Main Screen I use for all my remotes. One button push turns on and sets the inputs and outputs for all of the components required for a given activity. Once an activity is started there are other macros to switch between activities. And finally a macro to turn the system off from the current activity. I usually put together a rough flow chart to aid in getting the macros right.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Alan Minchew's MX-700 Setup
Added by Alan Minchew | 2003 | 10,751 views
A complete MX-700 setup with discrete codes for most devices.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Arna Perry's System Setup
Added by Arna Perry | 2003 | 10,379 views
This is a first cut at my system. I used the 2nd page of Main for my on/off switches. Please feel free to comment and suggest.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Aubrey's MX-900 Theater
Added by Mramos | 2006 | 8,310 views
A complete home theater with 2nd zone.
Designed for:
URC Complete Control MX-900
Badger's Den MX-700
Added by Scott Pirk | 2006 | 9,167 views
Activity-based macros on main page ensure clarity for first-time users. Fast macros to jump between common operating modes (Cable, DVD, etc.). System-off macro switches TV and Receiver back to most-used mode (cable viewing) before turning components off. This allows the System-on macro to be very quick with only power-on commands (eliminating long macro pauses between power-on and input changes). Experienced users can just use the System-on and jump macros for very quick and efficient mode changes. Common receiver and TV functions (Surround mode, channel levels, etc.) have been copied to other devices to all-but eliminate the need to switch devices on the remote. This file is evolving, so I'd love to hear feedback!
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Bill Spence's MX-700 System
Added by Bill Spence | 2002 | 10,328 views
Many hard to find discrete codes. I use the mute and prev ch buttons to toggle between my receiver and DVD/TiVo. I also use push and hold macros extensively. My two DSS receivers are next to each other so I have one set for ID 1 and the other to ID 51. I am still looking for a VIDEO 7 discrete for the TV and any Yamaha DSP discretes. Thanks to Greg for doing the hex conversions!
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Bill Wilson's Home Theater
Added by Bill Wilson | 2003 | 10,759 views
I have it so that I can control the DSP fuctions of my DSP-A1 and Dolby and DTS setting on each device so that I can switch between them and stereo easily. So I am sure a lot of you will need to erase buttons you don't need but I believe all the nessasary ones are there. I have discrete codes for everything except the Motorola cable box.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
BNC-RCA-RG59's MX-900
Added by BNC-RCA-RG59 | 2006 | 6,229 views
I made this remote for an old couple that wanted to be able to record 25 shows a week. They used to have 5 VCR's around the house in different rooms. Now they have one Dual Tuner HD Tivo. After a week of use the only complaint was that they wanted to record two shows at the same time while watching a third (Monday night football). So I connected another HD DVR Comcast box from another room into the mix using RF and like the feature to pause live tv any time and be able to fast foward through the commercials. Still looking for the new 30sec skip for the 3 series TIVO if anyone is holding.
Designed for:
URC Complete Control MX-900
Brian Steeves' Second System
Added by Brian Steeves | 2010 | 9,780 views
A full system MXF based around the Onkyo TX-NR807 receiver.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
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