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In this section: A collection of system files for use with URC's text-based remotes controls. Find finished device layouts, IR codes, macros and more!

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System Layout Files
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Dave Fitzgerald's MX-850
Added by Dave Fitzgerald | 2005 | 7,639 views
This is a system setup for my own personal system. Some of them are discrete, some are not. There was a few pieces that had no discretes, so I improvised. The Onkyo receiver is part of a HTIB and with the power, only the off command is discrete. I could not find any discrete on command for this model. The TV has no discrete power or inputs so that was the toughest. I found a way to trick the system and work around the lack of discrete inputs. The only reason it worked is becuase this TV has seperate input commands for composite and componet and as long as you know the order, it's easy to trick and works flawlessly. I had to use an all on command because the lack of discrete on this TV.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
David Bulfer's MXF Setup
Added by David Bulfer | 2003 | 7,888 views
Discrete codes for everything but the DSS. Main page 1 are devices; page 2 are activities.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
David Harrison's MX-700
Added by David Harrison | 2005 | 11,839 views
This is an improved (more compact and efficient use of MX-700) file, compared to my earlier posting. In this new posting, the format of the buttons is aligned with the content of the "Guide to Simple Home Theater Operation" provided with the remote - so my family can now refer to the guide. It incorporates discrete ON/OFF for the Yamaha receiver, an on/off workaround for the old analogue Foxtel box, and a discrete off code for the Teac set top box (derived from hex code loaded into a Pronto editor, then imported).
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
David Markowitz's System Setup
Added by David Markowitz | 2003 | 18,313 views
This system file contains all existing discretes for these devices with the exception of a few input settings on the HS10 that I don't use. It includes the hard to learn joystick commands of the SIR-T150! It also has X-10 lighting using scenes, Makita curtains and a Stewart screen on a single ROOM page, with several interesting macros that control all of those things and pause/play movies.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Dean Wette's System
Added by Dean Wette | 2004 | 8,080 views
A complete system setup. Also includes separate device files.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Dirk Dütemeyer's Classic System
Added by Dirk Dütemeyer | 2004 | 12,356 views
With my remote I control a classic hifi-tv entertainment including DVD, but no surround. None of the devices was listed in the IR database, but with the exception of TAPE, all devices are based on similar models from the respective brand. For a full description, please read the dd-info.txt file.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
DJ Garcia's MXF File
Added by DJ Garcia | 2002 | 2,478 views
A complete system MXF file with a large number of devices.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Don Roth's Almost Complete System
Added by Don Roth | 2003 | 7,105 views
An almost complete system file for MX-700 only. Has TV, cable, DVD and A/V setup.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Donald Fish's System File
Added by Donald Fish | 2004 | 7,841 views
This MX-700/MX-800 file contains many discrete codes and setup macros. An attempt has been made to program devices similarly with controls as few steps away as possible and usable without looking.
Designed for:
URC Home Theater Master MX-700
Dr. Khalid's MX-950 Setup
Added by Dr. Khalid | 2006 | 7,611 views
This is combo learned and stock codes customized and working great with macros.
Designed for:
URC Complete Control MX-950
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