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437 files
Files for all URC remotes with graphical LCD screens, including the Complete Control MX-6000, MX-5000, MX-3000, MX-980 and MX-880 remotes, as well as the new Total Control series. Download system layouts, device files, unique bitmaps and more.
1,266 files
Files for all URC remotes with text LCD screen capabilities, including the Home Theater Master MX-700 & MX-800 and the Complete Control MX-850, MX-900, MX-950 & TX-1000. Find full systems, device layouts, macros and more.
32 files
Find graphical system layouts, bitmaps and software for the MX-1000 touchscreen remote control.
263 files
Download system and devices files for use with the third-party IRCLONE-MX and 500e Editing Software.
Need a device file, fast?
If you want a configuration for a device and aren't picky about which remote it's for, then you'll want to check out our special Device Browser. Get access to every device file on Remote Central, all from a single place.
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ProntoEdit Professional v3.0.23
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Chunghop E885 English 4-Digit
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Recent file comments...
Comment by npaisnel on 12/31 at 3:28 AM
It says encrypted...can't see how to unencrypted it.

downloaded on iPad but can't unzip it
Any ideas?
Comment by Daniel Tonks on 11/13 at 5:35 PM
Sadly, MX-3000 Editor cannot be downloaded from URC. The current version of the software is only available to dealers.
Comment by shrom on 11/07 at 3:28 PM
"Connect to the internet and go to this website address, then select MX-3000 Editor to download:
[Link:] "

Error 404. I can't find Editor nowhere! (((
Comment by Floyd on 10/30 at 12:58 PM
I re-uploaded the file so it may be a new post...10/2017

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