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In this section: Informative feature articles written by Remote Central members, plus manuals and other technical writings that will help you program your remote control.

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User-Written Articles & Documentation
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Sony RM-AV2100 Backlight Modification
Added by Tom W. | 2004 | 2,200 views
Includes instructions, photographs and information on how to modify the RM-AV2100's backlight for automatic activation.
Sony RM-AV2100 Planning Template
Added by Lee | 2003 | 1,758 views
A planning template for the Sony RM-AV2100 remote control, in Microsoft Excel format.
Sony RM-AV3100 / RM-AV3100 Planning Template
Added by Pat Hall | 2006 | 1,915 views
A setup template for the Sony RM-AV3000 or RM-AV3100. LCD image shows all available options and labels. Remote image shows all available hard buttons. Use this PDF template to pre-plan each of your devices.
Tim's URC MX-500 Planner
Added by Tim Lincourt | 2011 | 1,759 views
A graphical Excel spreadsheet-based planner with sections for favorite channels and macros.
Tim's URC R50 Planner
Added by Tim Lincourt | 2011 | 1,959 views
A graphical Excel spreadsheet-based planner with sections for favorite channels and macros.
URC Digital R50 System Planning Example & Tutorial
Added by nomad8201 | 2011 | 4,265 views
This 22-sheet Excel file, based on Daniel Tonks' URC R50 Planner, contains a complete System Layout for control of 9 components in my home theater system.

The design makes extensive use of visible and hidden devices, along with one-step macros to "copy" functions from hidden devices to visible devices, so they can be logically arranged on the visible LCD screens.

In addition, each of the 9 devices, along with 2 special devices (subsets of the AUDIO device), support Device Macros, which essentially transform the R50 from a Device Remote into a powerful, user-friendly Activity Remote. The Device Macros sheet was adapted from Daniel Tonks' URC MX-500 Planner.

Finally, there is a Title Sheet, containing a bitmap photo of the R50 (from Daniel Tonks' R50 review) and a Favorite Channel sheet, with 48 Dish Network channels arranged in 6 categories.

The embedded documentation and color coding should be enough to re-create this System Layout from scratch in an empty R50.
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