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In this section: Utilities designed to help you easily create and manage your CCF files.

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CCF Programs
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Jukebox Generator (XLS)
Added by Ivan Gonzalez | 1999 | 15,187 views
Jukebox panel generator that uses Excel. Requires CCF Decompiler & Compiler, available above. Instructions included in .TXT file.
Designed for:
Philips Pronto TS-1000 & RU890
CCF Tools
Added by Olivier Couvreur | 2004 | 10,238 views
(v0.53/0.99.p7) This consolidated install file contains CCF Compiler/Decompiler (converts a CCF file to editable text format and back again -- ideal for mass changes), CCF Dumper (which converts a CCF into HTML pages and .GIF files, complete with detailed information and statistics), plus CCF Optimizer (which allows you to optimize your CCF file for memory usage. For file incompatibilities please email Olivier Couvreur and include your file. This is major update of CCFTools which adds 256 colors support, provides XP SP2 compatiblity and fixes XML compilation.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
CCF Explorer
Added by Peter Dewildt | 2001 | 7,265 views
(v3.0) CCF Explorer presents a Windows Explorer-style interface through which you can explore the contents of one or more CCF files. It also provides statistics including the numbers of different types of objects and their memory usage. This version adds support for ProntoEdit v3.0 CCF files.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
CCF2EFC v1.0
Added by John Fine | 2013 | 4,218 views
Predecessor to DecodeCCF. Dumps out the contents of a CCF file as text. This program will always produce the full Pronto Hex. Decodes most IR sequences and includes protocol : device : function for each decoded signal. Translates function numbers into OneForAll EFC numbers for many protocols.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
List CCF
Added by Mike Johnson | 1999 | 2,982 views
A simple program in C++, also compiled as a Win32 console executable. Lists a CCF file's button names, macros and IR codes. Covers most fields but not everything. A few bugs remain.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
Added by Olivier Couvreur | 2004 | 2,849 views
(v0.53/0.99.p6) This is ONLY the ccfdll.dll file from the CCF Tools install package. Several other CCF creation utilities require this file to operate.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
List CCF for MAC OSX 10.7+
Added by Helmut Taylor | 2012 | 2,699 views
This is a port of Mike Johnson's original Windows Command Line Utility, List CCF, for MAC OSX 10.7 and up.

Like the Windows version, you run this command line utility on the MAC OSX 10.7. The zip archive file has a readme file, a sample Pronto CCF file, and the resulting output file. To use the MAC OSX program, you may have to be familiar with MAC OSX and terminal operation.

This is a brief step by step procedure to run this on a MAC:
  1. Open a terminal window found at path Application/Utilities/Teminal
  2. navigate to the location of where you unarchived this file (your folder has the program (binary file "lstccf")
  3. type ./lstccf [the name of the ccf file you want to convert]
  4. the program outputs a txt file just like the windows version
Special thanks to Mike Johnson for sharing his initial creation with us!
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
Gen300 Sony
Added by Shaun Armbrust | 1999 | 2,559 views
This file contains my complete CCF, as well as a modified version of Andys utility (above) to generate Disc and Track listings for a Sony 300 CD changer using a text file with disc title and track info.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
CDJ2CCF 300 Disc Update
Added by Tony Golden | 2000 | 2,489 views
Replacement "master.ccf" file for the CDJ2CCF utility, allowing it to work with Sony 300 disc changers.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
Channel Magic
Added by Jamie Smith | 2002 | 2,485 views
Program to generate a macro group from a channel file. Relies on the CCFCompiler. Creates 2 column panels for all channels. VB source code is included.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
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