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In this section: Manuals and technical writings created by other Pronto owners, plus the Unofficial Pronto FAQ in .PDF format.

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User-Written Documentation
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A Pronto Newbie's Diary
Added by Tom O'Neill | 2001 | 3,004 views
This is a 3 page journal of detailed notes I kept as I began learning how to program Pronto, using all the facilities Remote Central provides. The file was saved as plain text, since I don't have access to Adobe Acrobat writer.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
Communicating with the Pronto
Added by Marcel Majoor | 2002 | 3,642 views
Documentation on communicating with the Pronto. Also includes documentation on the RC5, RC5x, RC6 and RC6A protocols. The sample application uses the IRLEARN and IRSTART commands to communicate with the Pronto. It generates learned code data (from RC5/RC5X/RC6/RC6A). Includes source code in Delphi.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
Grundig IR Format
Added by Bernard Barrier | 2002 | 3,454 views
This archive includes a PDF datasheet of the IC used in many Grundig remotes. Describes the protocol and coding used. Also included is a Word document explaining how to interpret the Grundig's remote controls and program the Pronto. A macro is embedded in the document that will automatically generate the hex code for a given command.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
IRDatabase Documentation (DOC)
Added by Steven Keyser | 2000 | 2,785 views
Documentation on how to Learn IR codes, add them to your rcir.mdb file and then add them to a button using IRDatabase and ProntoEdit. In MS Word format.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
Marantz RC5200 Docking Station Repair
Added by Jason | 2004 | 3,161 views
One user's experience repairing their DS5200 docking station, including photos of disassembly and fuse replacement. This information is also useful for other stations with the compound connector, such as the TSU6000's DS6000 and RC9200's DS9200. In Adobe PDF format.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
Pronto & Controlling X-10 via IR (DOC)
Added by Barry Gordon | 1999 | 2,492 views
Barry Gordon's document explaining how to control X-10 system components via IR signals with the Pronto remote control. In MS Word format.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
Pronto and Bang & Olufsen IR Codes (DOC)
Added by Loran Richardson | 2000 | 3,411 views
A brief tutorial on how to make Bang and Olufsen IR codes, with a fairly comprehensive set of IR codes that work on my B&O 6500 system. In Microsoft Word format.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
Pronto Music Configuration Worksheet (XLS)
Added by Mark Wasserman | 1999 | 2,134 views
(v1.0) The Pronto Music Configuration Worksheet is a Microsoft Excel 97/2K worksheet designed to help write music and tunes for the pronto. It includes 7 Octave scales covering the full range of notes the pronto can make, a tempo calculator to determine the length of notes and rests for all notes and dotted notes as well as a volume chart. Instructions are included and comments and enhancement requests are welcome.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
ProntoEdit IR Code Formats (DOC)
Added by Eigeny Oulianov | 2003 | 3,860 views
In-depth description of all current Pronto IR formats.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
ProntoEdit's IR Display Format (DOC)
Added by Barry Gordon | 1999 | 4,804 views
Barry Gordon's document explaining the format of IR codes as stored in ProntoEdit and how to decipher and modify them. MS Word format. Also available online in HTML format.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
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