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In this section: Manuals and technical writings created by other Pronto owners, plus the Unofficial Pronto FAQ in .PDF format.

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User-Written Documentation
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Sony IR Code Collection (XLS)
Added by Bertrand Gillis | 2002 | 7,454 views
v3.0 An update to my Sony IR code collection. An IR code decoder and device generator are included.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
Unofficial Philips Pronto / Marantz RC5000 FAQ
Added by Andrea Whitlock | 2004 | 2,616 views
An Adobe Acrobat (PDF) formatted version of Daniel Tonks' Pronto & RC5000 FAQ file, ideal if you wish to print the entire document out. This text version contains 63 pages and is based on version 1.09d source material.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
Yamaha Enhanced Codes
Added by Dave D'Arche | 2004 | 2,115 views
A Microsoft Word document with some generated Yamaha extended IR codes.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
Yamaha Extended IR Codes
Added by Andrea Whitlock | 2004 | 10,841 views
Includes an Excel spreadsheet of the standard and extended IR codes for the Yamaha RX-V800, RX-V1000, RX-V1200, RX-V2200, RX-V3000, RX-V1, and RX-Z1 by Barry Shaw, Rob Crowe, and Andrea Whitlock. The spreadsheet includes device and command numbers for each function, so the Pronto hex code can be generated with IR Tool; and it includes EFC numbers for use with One For All codes. There is a differences worksheet included that lists the code differences between the models (e.g. DSP names). The Yamaha PDF files for the standard and extended codes are also included, as well as a PDF file of each worksheet in the spreadsheet. Instructions on how to generate a Yamaha code not in the spreadsheet, given device and command numbers, are also included.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
Yamaha Hex Code Generator
Added by Ro Carter | 2005 | 3,729 views
A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that will automatically calculate IR hex codes for Yamaha's cryptic format.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
Zenith & LG Discrete Codes
Added by Jayson Small | 2003 | 4,655 views
Includes two Excel spreadsheets. One contains all Zenith & LG discrete hex codes for 2003 products, the other has a cross-reference of product vs remote control used, IR code type and discrete IR code function. This file is direct from LG/Zenith.
Designed for:
All Philips Pronto Models
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