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In this section: Informative feature articles written by Remote Central members, plus manuals and other technical writings that will help you program your remote control.

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User-Written Articles & Documentation
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Custom Installation Sales, Business, & Marketing Articles
Added by Rick Schuett | 2006 | 3,645 views
A complete collection of the articles I've written for various magazines, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Daniel's MX-500, MX-600 & MX-650 Planner
Added by Daniel Tonks | 2001 | 4,776 views
A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that can be used to plan LCD labels and button placement for the Home Theater Master MX-500 and MX-600, or Complete Control MX-650.
Daniel's RF-20, URC-200 & MX-350 Planner
Added by Daniel Tonks | 2004 | 3,175 views
A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that can be used to plan LCD labels and button placement for the Universal Remote Control RF-20 and URC-200 Automator, or Complete Control MX-350 Osiris.
Daniel's RF-30 & URC-300 Planner
Added by Daniel Tonks | 2004 | 2,728 views
A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that can be used to plan LCD labels and button placement for Universal Remote Control's RF-30 and URC-300 Customizer.
Daniel's URC R50 & MX-450 Planner
Added by Daniel Tonks | 2011 | 6,358 views
Since the Digital R50 & Complete Control MX-450 do not allow for easy button re-arrangement, I've created this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to help you plan button placement and LCD labels.

Due to the R50's freeform structure, this planner is not quite as full-featured as my others, and is intended simply to assist with initial button placement.
Multiple Subs and Room Modes
Added in 2009 | 2,941 views
Harman White Paper on Multiple Subs and room modes.
Remote Control II Animation
Added by Alexander Levakov | 2005 | 2,936 views
An example of how to create animation with Remote Control II. Please read the readme.txt file.
Selling Strategies for the Custom Installer
Added by Chris Westfall | 2010 | 3,140 views
Articles from industry trade magazines, focusing on selling strategies for the Custom Installer. Written by Chris Westfall.
Sony BDP-S780 Blu-Ray UPnP Command Notes
Added by AMX_Programmer | 2013 | 2,997 views
Notes on sending UPnP commands to a Sony BDP-S780 Blu-ray Disc Player.
Sony DVP-CX777ES Checksum Calculator
Added by Todd Tvetene | 2007 | 3,570 views
An Excel spreadsheet for checksum calculation on the Sony 777ES DVD changer. Note: if you want to modify this sheet you will need an Excel addon called morefunc from [Link:] to handle the HEX.
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